Original Victorian Home

Collins, John T. 1907-2001 , photographer.

Look closely and you will see that little has changed at 44 Berkeley Street since the photograph, taken by John T Collins.

44 Berkeley Street has been faithfully restored and is totally in keeping with the Victorian era when it was built in 1873. The current owners have, amongst other things, taken care to carefully restore iron lacework and have had the original flooring polished.

This home benefits from a North/South aspect and enjoys good natural light. Built on almost half an acre it is in a fabulous central position in regional Castlemaine.

Since 1873 there have been a number of owners. J Taylor, a local draper, built the house after acquiring the land from a pawn broker. It was a boarding house during the first world war and became home to, amongst others, a local minister and then later a school teacher.

Aside from the historic home an original outdoor laundry is a quirky reminder of another time. It now houses a compact office and could be used as a studio.

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